We finally finished the Crystal Ball Gala 2010 last saturday~!! The theme is Night of Shanghai~!! That’s fun and unforgettable! Although the preparation is hell, it worths~ The party is just awesome 

My baby – Ellie ♥ This is her last year in our company~ Miss her a lot

Our client – Mrs Cheong (^^) She looks alike Jenny Yan a lot~ She’s sooo elegant~!!

This is Fai Gor, Castro Liu, he’s the MC of the party~ He’s super nice~!! (^^)

Finally,here we go our pretty boss – Mrs. Jenny Wong~ The protagonist of the party~!! She looks really great

Is my make up look cool?! I love this make up a lot since I always have smoky eyes for my make up~Wanna try a new one on me~ It really looks great but the removal is killing me after the party…@@

The graduation ceremony is waiting for us,have to back to the fighting field again…. sigh…. Busy…but I’m really enjoy in it