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We are honored to be able to collaborate with the Chief Make-up Artist from VIDI VICI again, to give our Cover Girl the trendiest look for the Fall. We will also take an advantage of this opportunity to learn some Fall beauty trends and some precautions from Amelia Wong.

這次我們Insert有幸再次與VIDI VICI的首席化妝師Amelia Wong合作,為我們的Cover Girl打造出今年秋冬季最為流行的妝容。而我們也會趁這個機會,從Amelia那裡了解到一些今年秋冬流行的彩妝畫法和選色,以及一些秋冬需要注意的特別事項。現在就跟INSERT一起來了解一下吧。


Fall Beauty Talk, Skin Care is essential

For Fall, especially for dry countries like Canada, skin care and replenishment are particularly vital. Amelia prepared our Cover Girl with the Rose Face Mist and serum from VIDI VICI before putting any make-ups on her. Amelia told us that preparation is very important as it will let the make-up stay longer.

秋冬化妝物語 妝前補水最重要

秋冬的時候,化妝前的護膚和補水就尤為重要。 Amelia在為我們Cover Girl上妝之前就給她的肌膚補足了水份。先是噴了VIDI VICI的Rose Face Mist,然後再塗了一層淡淡的One Multi Cream Hydra Blessing。 Amelia就說啊,這樣一來,臉部的肌膚就做好了上妝的準備。別看這麼簡單的步驟,如果做好了,妝會更加持久。

Fall makeup attends to focus more on lipstick but not eye shadow. Eye Shadow should go for a more natural and lighter colour while lipstick is more bold and outstanding. In order to have a smooth transition from Summer to Fall, Amelia has only put some light eye shadows on our Cover Girl and has chosen one of the most popular lipstick colours: Burgundy.
(1.Draw and Fix Eye shadow $32 2. Velvet Lip Perfector)

唇部為中心 眼妝為配角

秋冬季的彩妝主要是著重於唇部,而眼妝則可以走比較自然的路線。 Amelia 就特別推薦了VIDI VICI秋季的最新眼妝產品:Draw and Fix Eye Shadow。就如它的名字一樣,它不僅顏色清新,使用起來也非常方便。把它豎起來使用時,它就是彩色的眼線,而如果把它放平來使用的話,就搖身變為靚麗的眼影了。Amelia 在為我們Cover Girl上妝的時候,就給她的眼影塗了比較淡的Mellow Vanilla(#01)和Charcoal Brown(#02)。


While Amelia was using the special eye brown pencil from VIDI VICI, our Cover Gril couldn’t help herself to purchase one. The design of the eye brown pen is very user friendly with an auto-sharpener inside the pen. This is very good for the beginnings or working girls who are too busy to care. Moreover, its colour is very light at first so it won’t create a very dark mark.

Cover Girl 最愛 Perfect Eyebrow

而Amelia在給Cover Girl畫眉的時候,Cover Girl被VIDI VICI特別的眉筆所吸引,也經不住誘惑,馬上掏出錢包, 買了一支。這款附帶筆刨的眉筆設計特別新穎,眉筆裡面自帶了小型削筆刀,方便簡潔便於攜帶。形狀是扁尖型的,特別適合那些初學化妝的妹妹,或者懶人上班族使用。它畫出來的顏色也不會太深,所以不會出現因為下手太重而無法收拾的局面。