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難得我們都放假,帶同兩個小魔怪去CNE~Bring the kids to CNE when we all have day off today.

「攝影師」叫了很久,就只有我一個人聽到嗎?Is it only me hear when the “Photographer” asking us to take picture? I’m the only one look at the camera in this picture. lol…

IMG_3638.JPGAfter tons of the try, we finally got this picture with 4 of us look at the camera at the same time~!! Mission completed!! 經過一番努力,我們終於有一張4人一同望鏡頭的合照了~

很想把全部的啤啤都帶回家~ Wanna bring all the bears home~!! How cute they are~

img_3650The most perfect match aunt and niece~ lol 世上最相襯的姑姑和姪女,連拍照的神情都一樣~