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September 11, 2017.
It is the day that my sis and mom come from HK to Toronto and stay for 4 months.
I’ve been looking for this day for a long long time…
Probably few years?

To be honest,
I’ve been living alone for so many years since I came here to study….
Almost 15 years… maybe?
I miss my families sometimes especially in special days such as Christmas, CNY, etc.
When I know they are coming to see me,
I feel so nervous and a bit frustrated…

I’m expected a family life in Toronto with my beloved families
At the same time,
I’m kind of worrying about the family life here…
Perhaps… I’m worrying about the stay with my mom after these long years…

But I’m happy more than worry because I love them more than I can say
I hope they will have a wonderful stay in Toronto
Because we all don’t know what would it happen again they could stay this long with me here
I will try my best to create an unforgotten moments with them during their stay~!!